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Running the dev environment using docker-compose

Deploying the development environment

cd data-detective-airflow
cp .env.example .env
randstr=`shuf -zer -n32 {A..Z} {a..z} {0..9} | tr -d '\0'`
echo "SECRET_KEY=${randstr}" >> .env
docker-compose up -d

It is possible to check data-detective-airflow with Celery Executor as follows:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.CeleryExecutor.yml up -d

This services will be launched:

  • redis - queue storage
  • webserver - portal
  • scheduler - scheduler that runs tasks
  • flower - view current queues
  • worker - a service that runs tasks, scalable, 2 instances

To run autotests, run the command

docker-compose -f docker-compose.tests.yml up --build --exit-code-from=tests

For all Executor, postgres is used as a metadata repository (metadb). In a production environment, it is advisable to use the Celery Executor option.

Setup in PyCharm Professional

Configuring SSH Python interpreter in PyCharm

  1. Preferences (CMD + ,) > Project Settings > Project Interpreter

  2. Click on the gear icon next to the "Project Interpreter" dropdown > Add

  3. Select "SSH Interpreter" > Host: localhost

    Port: 9922,

    Username: airflow.

    Password: see ./Dockerfile:15

    Interpreter: /usr/local/bin/python3,

    Sync folders: Project Root -> /usr/local/airflow

    Disable "Automatically upload..."

  4. Confirm the changes and wait for PyCharm to update the indexes

  5. To run tests go to PyCharm -> Edit Configurations -> Environment variables:

  1. In order not to specify Environment variables every time, they should be added to Templates -> Python tests -> pytest (в Edit Configurations)
  2. Setting up py test. To do this, in the Pycharm settings, select Tools->Python Integrated Tools->Testing->Default test runner = pytest. After that, it is possible to run tests by right-clicking on the directory tests or the desired test file.

Working in a dev environment

  • Airflow UI is available at http://localhost:8080/. Login/password to log in - airflow /airflow.

  • To connect to a dev container with airflow, select this options below in PyCharm: Tools > Start SSH Session > Remote Python ... or docker-compose exec app bash (app - service name in docker-compose.yml, bash - command for executing)


  • At the time of publication, Docker Compose in the command line can be called with a command without a hyphen docker compose .... The documentation will contain examples with docker-compose ....